What's 株式会社テレビ東京ホールディングス

We are a certified broadcast holding company borne out of the management integration of TV TOKYO, BS TV TOKYO, and TV TOKYO Communications.
Our Group consists of companies specializing in a wide-range of media formats: terrestrial digital broadcast, BS digital broadcast, CS broadcast, and Internet / mobile.
Our corporate structure deepens the alliance between "broadcasting and "communication. We see this as a match for the digital era. With the comprehensive strength of a media group, our management resources are spread across the entire group while we assume our role as a responsible media player.

TV TOKYO Corporation

TV TOKYO Corporation

Terrestrial Broadcasting business

The content we provide for our metropolitan TXN network is based on our relations with Japan's premier economic newspaper ("The Nikkei") and our content featured in "economy", "anime" and "variety"
& Secondary rights to broadcast programming & other derived rights for broadcast

BS TV TOKYO Corporation


BS Broadcasting business

In alliance with TXN Network, we broadcast via satellite to all of Japan. We position “The Economy” and “High-quality Entertainment” as the basis of our wide-ranging offering. Our goal is to keep delivering content that adults do not tire of seeing, with the news, discussion, travel, arts, and foreign drama that register highly for our loyal middle-aged and senior viewers.

TV TOKYO Communications Communication

TV TOKYO Communications Communication

Communication business

Development and producing of digital media and content.
Cross-media advertising