Corporate governance

Our Philosophy

Corporate governance ranks as an important management directive. We seek stable long-term corporate value improvements that will benefit all of our stakeholders -- our shareholders, employees, customers, and our viewers. We will maintain and improve the steady implementation of our various policies.

We emerged as a certified broadcasting holding company on October 1, 2010, from a joint-stock transfer that created three business subsidiaries out of TV TOKYO, BS Japan(now BS TV TOKYO), and TV TOKYO Broadband (now TV TOKYO Communications). With Video & Broadcast at the heart of our organization, we aim to maximize the value of our content (singular) through the Group’s media specialties (plural): terrestrial broadcast, BS broadcast, CS broadcast, and Internet / mobile.

As a certified broadcasting holding company, we are keenly aware of the public nature of broadcasting and the importance of our societal obligation. We manage and supervise our businesses to ensure our program production and broadcasting are in compliance with the various laws and ordinances governing television and radio, as well as the criteria and guidelines of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan.

On a daily basis, our companies strive to produce and broadcast high-caliber programs. They proactively implement viewer feedback and opinions of the Broadcasting Program Council, while satisfying the provisions of the Broadcasting Programming Standards.

Internal auditing is at the core of our managerial monitoring system. We have adopted the Corporate Auditor System, monitored by a board that includes outside directors with a high degree of independence. Both the Audit & Supervisory Board and an auditor perform audits, and we engage an accounting audit firm to handle the accounting audit.

Our Policy

As our management philosophy, we seek to maximize our corporate value by building good relationships with all of our stakeholders and by pursuing stable long-term growth.

We endeavor to act as a reliable corporate citizen. This means conducting our business in a fair and transparent manner. We elicit the following five principles to guide us:

We respect our shareholders' rights and wish to ensure they receive equitable treatment. We will strive toward the protection of shareholders’ rights and provide an environment in which shareholders can properly execute these rights.

Under the auspice of sincere cooperation, we will engage with our other stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers, viewers, the community).

In our commitment to transparency, we will disclose and disseminate information beyond mere accordance with laws and ordinances.

Our Board of Directors will carry out their roles and responsibilities in an appropriate manner as we strive toward decision-making that is transparent, fair, and nimble.

In our shared direction for long-term stable growth of the company, we commit to constructive dialogue with our shareholders.

Corporate Governance Structure