Medium-Term Plan

<As of 5/11/2023>

The Company’s policy under the Medium-Term Plan for FY2023 to FY2025 is to improve earnings capacity by thoroughly implementing the tribrid strategy that takes advantage of the synergetic effect generated from its broadcasting, streaming, and anime businesses to increase consolidated operating profit to 11.0 billion yen, more than double that of FY2020, in FY2025. The Company will strive to achieve growth by strengthening its content creation capabilities with the use of leading-edge technologies, implementing digital transformation (DX), expanding investment in our people, and promoting diversity-oriented management. Proactively engaging in “small but advanced” initiatives, we will continue to offer unique value to society as we stride toward the April 2024 60th anniversary of the station’s founding, and on to its 70th anniversary beyond that.

Numerical Targets
FY2021-22 figures are results, FY2023-25 are plans

(Unit: million yen)

FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 FY2024 FY2025
Net sales 148,100 151,000 157,000 164,700 170,000
Operating profit 8,580 9,230 9,500 10,000 11,000
Profit 6,020 6,720 7,100 7,500 8,200
ROE 6.9% 7.4% 7.4% 7.5% 7.7%
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Business Strategy

  1. Accelerate tribrid strategy to take growth to the next stage
    • As a result of reforms of our profit structure, the composition of consolidated operating profit has transformed from a ratio of 70% from broadcasting to 30% from rights (anime, streaming, etc.) in FY2017 to very close to our target of 50% broadcasting to 50% rights in FY2022, and both net sales and profit reached new record highs. In light of this achievement, we will now progress to a new stage in our reforms. In our mainstay business of broadcasting, we will curb costs and increase profitability by introducing DX, and, through our “tribrid” strategy, establish the production and programming of programs that will lead directly to the expansion of the anime and streaming businesses. With individual viewer ratings in the Under-39 age group (U39) as a new focus, we will achieve new programming that classifies time slots into different target groups, such as U39 and seniors, and implement reforms so that the transformation of the broadcasting business will contribute to the expansion of profits in the anime and streaming businesses, which have higher profit margins. This synergistic effect will bring the ratio of consolidated operating profit to 40% broadcasting to 60% rights in FY2025.
    • We will strengthen our content creation capabilities, including by introducing leading-edge technologies such as XR and CG.
    • We will become a “television station that can also make money overseas.” Our aim is for overseas sales to account for 20% of total net sales.
    • With a growth investment category of 20 billion yen, we will develop new businesses. We will actively take on the challenge of new sectors such as WEB3.
  2. Generate profit increase potential of over 6.0 billion yen from FY2027 with DX. Introduce the next-generation studio in earnest
    • We will progressively overhaul our core systems (operations, sales and broadcasting) in their entirety from FY2024.
    • We will develop and use virtual technologies in the next-generation studio. We will also consider collaborations with other companies that own the latest technologies.
  3. Increase investment in people by 3.5 billion yen over three years to increase growth potential through appropriate placement of human resources
  4. SDGs/ESG-oriented management: We will achieve net zero CO2 emissions in FY2024 and promote diversity-oriented management
  5. We will set a management target of 8% ROE (return on investment) for the second half of the 2020s and share the fruits of our growth with shareholders, employees, business partners, and other stakeholders in a well-balanced manner.