Message from the CEO President

Ichiro Ishikawa

The TV Tokyo Group is advancing our “Tribrid” strategy for broadcasting, streaming, and anime.

I would like to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude for your continued support and understanding for the TV TOKYO Group.

The Japanese economy has recently shown improvements in economic optimism and consumer sentiment. However, since the beginning of the year, a resurgence in COVID-19, rising costs for crude and other resources, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and sudden yen depreciation have created an unpredictable environment.

Despite this environment, FY2021 consolidated net sales for the TV Tokyo Group were substantially at their highest ever as we achieved a record high for consolidated operating profit. The Streaming & Anime Business, which we position as a growth engine, drove profits higher and we recorded a significant increase, especially in spot revenues for terrestrial broadcasting. We also achieved record high net sales and operating profit for BS broadcasting. In light of these results, we have decided to increase our year-end dividend by 20 yen per share compared to the previous fiscal year to an annual dividend of 60 yen. This year, over the course of two buybacks, we acquired over 500,000 shares of our own stock and are working on the retirement of those shares. We will continue working to increase shareholder returns.

We incorporated the “tribrid” strategy, the three business pillars of broadcasting, streaming, and anime, into our Medium-Term Plan for FY2022 to FY2024. The word “tribrid” not only represents “tri”, referring to the broadcasting, streaming, and anime businesses, but also reflects the word “try”, representing our commitment to taking on new challenges. Our goal is to increase gross profit from streaming & anime by 180% in FY2024 compared to FY2020 by taking advantage of the synergetic effect generated by the broadcasting business. We continue to advance reforms towards establishing a revenue structure that does not solely rely on the broadcasting business.

We will continue to proactively invest in content production, the highest-priority domain for our Group. Over the next three years, we will increase investment to a total of 13 billion yen. In the paid streaming business, we will expand sales channels by maintaining a balance between content for Paravi (Premium Platform Japan) and overseas platforms. Looking at the business of video streaming with ads, in April 2022 we launched real-time streaming, which streams content simultaneously with broadcast, as part of our streaming strategy targeting all time slots.

In the Anime Business, we will continue to strengthen our overseas strategy. We plan to focus on developing markets in the US and Europe to establish a market, as a pillar of the business, that exceeds the China market. We will also focus on merchandising and game-related businesses.

In April, we were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market. We also began full-scale initiatives towards adopting ESG (environmental, social, governance) management, including establishing a Nomination Advisory Committee and a Remuneration Advisory Committee. In June, we will establish a Sustainability Committee. We also plan to aim for net zero CO2 emissions by the end of FY2024.

The TV Tokyo Group will continue our focus on distributing unique content. This includes increasing our investments in human resources and other areas. While previously our promotional strategies focused mainly on program promotions, we switched to a Strategy Division that will contribute to increasing our corporate value by enhancing the overall brand strength of the TV Tokyo Group.

I thank you for your continued understanding and support.

CEO President
Ichiro Ishikawa
Ichiro Ishikawa