Social Media Policy

The TV TOKYO Group has created the TV TOKYO Social Media Policy which is a set of basic guidelines for operating social media.
In conjunction with this, we established the TV TOKYO Social Media User Regulations as reference for using the TV TOKYO Group’s official account.

TV TOKYO Group Social Media Policy

The following guidelines on the use of the official social media account and personal accounts set up by directors and employees working for the TV TOKYO Group shall be observed.

1.Rules to be complied with when using social media

(a) Any actions on social media are the same as any other actions therefore they must comply with the TV TOKYO Group Code of Conduct.

(b) Treat users with respect and participate fairly conducting yourself humbly and sincerely.

(c) Information put up on social media is transmitted around the world. Be aware that once this information is sent out on a social media network it can never be completely erased. Please take the utmost care to post accurate information that will not be misconstrued or create misunderstandings.

(d) The valuable experiences gained from communications with viewers and users over social media shall be utilized in future operations including the production of programming.

2.Program guides and requests to viewers and users

(a) Official group announcements and the communication of opinions and viewpoints shall be conducted via group company websites and press releases. Information posted by the TV TOKYO Group and/or its employees to social media are not official announcements and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of the TV TOKYO Group.

(b) Information posted to social media is current at the time of posting but be aware that this information is subject to change thereafter.

(c) We have created the following TV TOKYO Group Social Media User Regulations governing the use of the official accounts operated by the TV TOKYO Group and any ancillary services. Please refer to these regulations when using our official accounts or related services.

TV TOKYO Group Social Media User Regulations

The TV TOKYO Group created the following regulations to ensure that communications with users over the group’s official social media accounts are beneficial and worthwhile. Please read and consent to these regulations prior to using our official accounts.

1.Definitions of social media and an official account

In these regulations, social media refers to the practice of communicating information or exchanging opinions with the general public via the Internet, including blogs, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LINE, and BBS.
Official accounts are those accounts that the TV TOKYO Group guarantees are operated in whole or in part by group employees and are not spoofed accounts.

2.Scope of application

These regulations are guidelines for the use of official accounts created on social media operated by other companies. There is a separate set of rules for official accounts created on social media that is operated in part by the TV TOKYO Group. Please manage these accounts in accordance with these rules.

3.Social media management policy

Operations and management are carried out in accordance with the TV TOKYO Group Social Media Policy.

4.Handling of personal information

Please refer to the homepage of the group company that is operating an official account for rules on the handling of personal information.

5.Prohibited usage

Please refrain from conducting the following actions on official group company accounts. Delete postings or block the account in the event of the following user actions.

  • A) Use that infringes on the rights of the TV TOKYO Group, other users, or third parties
  • B) Use that infringes on the assets and privacy of the TV TOKYO Group, other users, or third parties
  • C) Use that damages the credibility and honor of the TV TOKYO Group, other users, or third parties
  • D) Use that slanders the TV TOKYO Group, other users, or third parties
  • E) Use that is contrary to or possibly contrary to public order and morals
  • F) Posting of harmful, obscene or violent information or depictions thereof
  • G) Use linked to criminal acts or the possibility thereof
  • H) Political campaigning or other similar uses
  • I ) Solicitation or other religious activities related to a specific religion, religious organization or group
  • J) Use that could potentially hinder smooth communications
  • K) Fights, disagreements, use of temporary emotional expressions and use that hurts the feelings of others
  • L) Spoofing using the name of an actual person or group
  • M) Use for commercial purposes, including advertising, promotions, and affiliations
  • N) Spam, and multiple and repetitious postings
  • O) Posting or transmission of harmful computer programs and hacking into a computer using another person’s name or email address
  • P) Also, uses that are deemed inappropriate based on the rational reasons given by the TV TOKYO Group


  • A) The TV TOKYO Group will not respond to all postings to an official account.
  • B) The TV TOKYO Group is not obligated to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information on an official account.
  • C) The TV TOKYO Group is not responsible for damages incurred by users from the use of an official account or should a user be unable to use an official account.
  • D) The TV TOKYO Group is not responsible for comments posted by users.
  • E) The TV TOKYO Group is not responsible for trouble or conflicts that arise between users or between users and third parties related to an official account.
  • F) Users own the copyright to the content they post. By posting content, the user consents to give TV TOKYO Group the right to free, non-exclusive global use (including processing, excerpts, republication, disclosure, and translation) and also agrees not to exercise copyright control against the TV TOKYO Group.
  • G) Each social media is operated and managed using the respective operating company’s system. Accordingly, TV TOKYO Group will not answer any questions related to the operation, method of use, and technical issues related to each social media site.
  • H) Official TV TOKYO Group accounts may be shut down without notice.

7.Revisions to these regulations

The TV TOKYO Group reserves the right to revise these regulations without notice to users.

8.Governing laws and jurisdiction

These regulations are subject to the laws of Japan. Should a conflict arise between a user and group company, the Tokyo District Court shall exclusively be the court of first instance.

Created: April 2, 2012
Implemented: April 2, 2012