Disclosure Policy

TV TOKYO Holdings Corporation’s disclosure is not one-sided. The goal of the Company’s investor relations (IR) activities is to enhance communications between TV TOKYO Group companies and stakeholders.
 Accordingly, the IR activities that center on the information disclosed by the Company are both fair and just, and implemented in a prompt and easy-to-understand manner. The legal disclosures are in accordance with laws and regulations, including the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law. Timely disclosure is conducted in a manner that meets securities exchange regulations, including the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s securities listing regulations. And our voluntary disclosures are carried out at the sole discretion of the Company.
 In addition, the Company actively creates opportunities to communicate with stakeholders. The various opinions and advice obtained during shareholder meetings and results presentation meetings are reflected into group management and business operations.


The Company shall establish the IR Committee to develop strategies and policies for IR activities to be conducted by the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries. The IR Committee shall consist of members from the Executive Committee which is chaired by the president.

2.IR Committee

Regarding legal disclosures stipulated by the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, and other laws, timely disclosures stipulated by the securities regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and voluntary disclosures which are independently decided by the Company, the IR Committee shall examine and decide upon whether to disclose said information, on the content of the information to be disclosed, and the timing of the disclosure.


The spokesperson in charge of disclosing IR information shall be the president, a director designated by the president as the director in charge of handling information, and the head of the Public Relations Division. The spokesperson can appoint another director or employee to stand in for them should the need arise.

4.Contact network and chain of command

The following is the contact network and chain of command for information disclosure.


The Investor Relations Department of Corporate Strategy Division serves as the administrative entity for the IR Committee. In addition, there is an IR project team comprised of members from the main departments of the TV TOKYO Group which provides support to the Investor Relations Department’s activities. The Investor Relations Department cooperates with the people in charge of these related departments to promote disclosure.

5.Practical IR activities

In addition to undertaking IR events such as shareholder meetings and earnings results presentations, the Company also plans and produces the following IR tools which are used to promote information disclosure.

(1)Tanshin earnings reports
(2)Securities reports (Yuho MOF filings)
(3)Notifications for convening shareholders meetings
(4)Reports (for shareholders)
(5)Annual reports
(6)Company brochures
(7)IR homepage
Note that the Company proposes and plans other activities which are examined and decided upon by the IR Committee.

6.Prevention of insider trading

The IR Committee shall report on disclosure plans, details, and the progress and outcome of disclosure in a timely manner to the Board of Directors. In addition, regarding vital information that is not ready for disclosure, the committee shall clearly convey the status of this information to Board members and employees of the TV TOKYO Group to prevent insider trading.

7.Full-fledged information management

The IR Committee monitors whether crucial information is only being disclosed to certain individuals. This includes information that must be disclosed in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, the information-disclosure ordinance, and the securities exchange regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, information disclosure required under the Civil Proceedings Act and other laws, and information pertaining to patents and trademark registration filed under the Patent Act. Disclosure shall immediately be conducted in a timely manner in the event that crucial information is only being disclosed to select individuals.

8.Handling of earnings forecasts and silent period

Earnings forecasts, which are important IR information, shall be disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner. Questions about earnings forecasts from analysts or other parties shall be approved if they are within the general scope of forecasts. However, should the question deviate from this, a question should be posed to the analyst, and any errors regarding forecasts should be pointed out.
However, the Company observes a silent period of one (1) month prior to the announcement of first-half and full-year earnings results, and two weeks prior to the release of first quarter and third quarter earnings results. During this time, the Company does not issue comments on its earnings forecasts.
The Company shall make a timely disclosure should gaps between the most recent earnings forecasts and newly calculated earnings forecasts, and gaps between earnings forecasts and results exceed the standards in the securities exchange regulations.

9.Disclosure related to medium/long-term plans

Information regarding forecasts in its business plans shall be disclosed when the Company deems appropriate. The Company shall specify the content of these forecasts and provide fair disclosure. In this case, the Company shall clearly state the factors and conditions that could prevent it from achieving these forecasts and also indicate the point and time of the disclosure items. The Company shall make an utmost effort to revise information when there are material changes to information that was previously announced.

10.Items requiring an action plan

Regarding items for which the Company is required to disclose specific action plans, such as earnings recovery, losses at a specific department or consolidated subsidiary, or profit plans, the Company shall not disclose information on pending plans or plans still under review, as long as this does not violate securities exchange regulations. However, the Company may convey certain aspects regarding the progress being made in establishing an action plan, the measures to be implemented, and the timing of implementation when queried by shareholders, investors, or analysts.

11.Response to market rumors

It is the Company’s general policy not to comment on market rumors or speculation particularly in cases where it is clear that TV TOKYO Holdings and its group companies are not the source. The IR Committee may consider responding to such rumors, including issuing a timely response, should it receive an official request from the Tokyo Stock Exchange or some other regulatory authority.

Established October 1, 2010
Revision June 27,2017